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Make Money with iPhone & Ipad Apps ,click in the description John Harun Mwau Facebook

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Make Money with iPhone & Ipad Apps ,click in the description John Harun Mwau Facebook Let me ask you this… Have you ever dreamed of creating your own great game or application for iPhone or iPad with no programming skills in just 4 weeks and hit pay dirt with it in the App Store? Looks impressive? I bet it does! But now, let me tell you the ugly truth. It looks like I am raking in money now, but the truth is that it was not always like that! Just 6 months ago I was completely struggling. I had no programming skills, no team and no money. The only thing I had was a great desire to create the game of my dreams. Since childhood, I always had a dream to make it big. I was thinking my game over and over again and again during the sleepless nights, imagining the characters and heroes, levels, gameplay tricks… etc. Does that sound familiar to you? To be honest, I am a big fan of the iPhone, so I did not even consider the idea of creating games for anything else but the iPhone or iPad. But I was missing the main thing — I had no team and no programming skills at all. Even worse — I did not even have a technical education! If you sell your app for $0.99 and get $0.70 from it after all apple commission cuts you are left with pure profit of $24500 USD per DAY! Well, you can’t live with that but that is a good start, isn’t it 🙂 This thought would not let me sleep well. Of course I did not live in the illusion that

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