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Will we see iPad webcam/camera accessories?

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iphoneandipadappcashpic3 - Will we see iPad webcam/camera accessories?I have recently bought a cool new Apple ipad from the branded store. I know that there is no webcam/camera for available for Ipad, but I want to asked is there any such kind of accessories available for ipad. Will we see iPad webcam/camera accessories? It means that we can use dock connector to connect webcam. Please help me. 

Re: Will we see iPad webcam/camera accessories?
IPAD Although there is no USB interface, the number of affected users to store photos or video. Fortunately, Apple officially released the first kit to connect a camera, but the price of the parts and how much, presumably this is a lot of customer concern. After all, no one was willing to spend too much money on accessories, but why these accessories is essential. The good news is, today Apple’s online store has finally announced the iPad camera connector kit price – $ 29, about 198 yuan, is not that such a price also acceptable? By the end of April can be shipped in no delay in the iPad enjoy your camera photos. 

Re: Will we see iPad webcam/camera accessories?

iPad camera adapter in the Apple official website of the price of 29 dollars. If you want to save money, that iPad camera adapter with the iPod adapter (originally designed for use through the USB connection, with the iPod to access photos stored in the camera) looks similar, should be universal, you are a big mistake especially wrong. 

Re: Will we see iPad webcam/camera accessories?
iPod and the camera is connected using the connector is not compatible with the fundamental iPad. When connected iPad time, iPad pop up the dialog box “iPad does not support this accessory.” It seems to buy the iPad does not work, need money to buy more iPad accessories. In this case you have to use new camera kit for your ipad. 

Re: Will we see iPad webcam/camera accessories?
Apple iPad camera connection tool early testers found that this adapter can be used to connect USB devices except the camera away, it can be used to make up for shortcomings iPad no USB interface. It is very easy to connect your camera to your ipad. Just connect your camera using adapter.

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