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How to Make Money From iPhone Apps with NO Programming Experience

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CLICK HERE – tinyurl.com Tons Of Software Developers Are Leaving Their Cubes Behind To Sell Their Own Apps! When you get your copy of the ebook you will see that we only cover precisely what you need to know to get started: 1) How to Program in BOTH C and Objective-C 2) How to work with iPhone OS, Cocoa-Touch and UIKit 3) How to assemble a complete working iPhone app 4) App Development Formula: Step by Step process of building an app from selecting a niche, design, planning, coding and promoting your product. 1) Learn how to program: -C, Objective-C and Cocoa-Touch -Procedural and Object Oriented Programming -Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern 2) Learn how to use Interface Builder -12 Step App Development Formula: -Done! task manager app case study -Learn how components relate together -Turn your code into a product that sells -See how to resolve iPhone code quirks 3) Tips, Tricks and Resources: -Find out the essential XCode tools to supercharge your development -Pointers to the must read Apple Developer documents and source code -References to other technology resources that you can use -341 pages of iPhone and iPod Touch development goodness! CLICK HERE – tinyurl.com BONUS 1- The Code Toolbox (In Code Depot) BONUS 2- Kewl Tees iPhone App (In Code Depot) BONUS 3- Social Networking And Forum

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