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Make Money Selling on eBay by Knowing ?What?s Hot?

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What’s hot and what’s not? Knowing what items best sell on your online shop greatly helps you determine what items will enable you to make money selling on eBay on your next venture and what items are best scrapped off from your list. It’s a good thing that eBay knows their customers and their subscribers really well – and with the eBay Pulse, with that no one has to guess.

The eBay Pulse ( offers updates on the latest trends, best selling items and popular searches on its site to those who want to make money selling on eBay. With a click of the mouse, it takes you to a list of the ten most searched items. As of date, the most popular items still remain to be techie gadgets with the sole exception of leather coaches which remains in the sixth spot of the most searched. However, gadgets still dominate the higher half of the list; with iPod Touch still strongly leading the list of the most sought after items, followed shortly by its original predecessor, the iPod. However, the slimmer of its kind, the iPod nano falls short of reaching the top five list and only landing on the eighth spot – still a pretty popular choice.

The iphone, a popular high-tech mobile phone attracting its customers with its varied functions and user-friendly features, then takes the third spot. A similar entry to the iphone takes the last of the higher half – Verizon Cell phones take the fifth spot in the results for the best searched items. Gaming consoles then take the fourth and ninth spot. With the humongous Xbox360 taking the fourth and the highly popular active gaming console Wii taking the ninth. Cricut cartridges take the seventh and the ever trusted digital cameras taking the last spot in the list. These are the items dominating the recent popularity polls and certainly the ‘in’ things that stores should have – so if you’re watching out what’s hot on today’s lists – these are the things to find. But if you’re looking for more detailed entries, a drop down box provides more than a number of

The eBay Pulse also features the five largest stores online along with the feedbacks they have received over time during their business operations. Next to these are the useful articles that can help both your business and your customers. And last are the most watched items on eBay along with the promos associated with them.  

Not only does the eBay pulse provide you what’s hot, it strings along other useful information that you need to thrive on your business. So stop guessing what will make money selling on eBay, click that link now!

To your eBay success!

Find out how you can make money on eBay. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

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