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Making Money with IPhone Applications – You can do it too!

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Making Money with IPhone Applications

My wife has had an iPhone for about a year now. I have not got one for myself yet, although is addictive to it. I have to admit I love the applications to turn this device more into a computer than just a phone.

In Apple app store you can search through it and it makes you realize there could be quite a bit of opportunity to reach people with your business message with an added application to their list if you can figure out how to do it.

You fo not need to be a programmer yourself to get this done. There is plenty of experts available if you know where to look for them.

Ethan Nicholas Success Story has been told many times in many various media.

He staked his claim in October, 2008 with a little $2.99 app called iShoot. No one noticed his application at first. Then suddenly his paid app shot to the top of the charts – and he pocketed  $35,533 in one day.

Overnight he had made more money in the previous 48 hours than the average U.S. household makes in an entire year. And it kept rolling in, day after day with no end in sight.

Was this just a lucky strike or does it have roots in some system? Is it possible for the average Joe or Joline to strike it rich in the apps market or do you have an equal chance of getting struck by lightning?

The answer is that your chance of striking it rich in the application market is larger than being hit by lightening – and that is for sure.

The reason for saying this is that Ethan is not the only one with a story told just now. There are a multiple of stories popping up everywhere telling the same story. The common factor of them all is that not a single person credits their success to mere “luck.”

Then you might ask me – how did they do it?

These best selling application makers discovered the secrets of coming up with creative application ideas, finding a hungry market, and getting to the application fast into the market.

And now you can learn how to create and profit from iPhone applications yourself.

Get started making a profit from iPhone applications yourself.


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